If you have any technical issues, please contact techsupport@sk.lung.ca.

Common issues

Some of the videos are blurry and/or the audio is bad.
Unfortunately our older videos were not recorded in high quality. More recent videos should be better.
The videos don't load at my workplace.
Our videos are hosted on YouTube and some employers block YouTube. Please try from a different location.
I didn't receive credit for a video presentation.
Below the video, make sure to click "Mark Watched" so the system knows you watched the video. If there is an associated quiz you will have to complete it, otherwise you should receive credit immediately.

If you have already completed the quiz, or marked the video watched and you cannot see the CE certificate in your logbook, please contact us at techsupport@sk.lung.ca.
I didn't receive credit for an article.
You must be logged in before clicking on an article link to get credit for it. Make sure you are logged in first, then click on the article link.

You will only get credit for reading an article once, if you click on the article again it won't be re-added to your logbook, it will be listed under the date you read it first.

The list of articles you've read show up on the right-hand side of your logbook.